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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dresses for Granny!

I made some Summery recolors of one of Grizzelda's Wonderful Granny Dress Meshes this afternoon! I just uploaded them to my site.

What else have I been up to? I made a "Glowing Doorbell" Object Mesh. I posted it at Linda's site. There's a link to Linda's site on the right.

And I made a bunch of stuff over at TSR. Alot of paintings, Residential Lots and a new Set of Patio Furniture!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's July!

And I haven't posted in a month! Yikes, I better get to posting in here more often.

Well, I've been in a really Summery mood and making lots of Sim Stuff! I uploaded some hair and painting recolors to TSR for their Tropical Theme week. And I made a room recolor from some of Linda's Meshes, and some Summer Fun recolors of Linda's Illuminated Paintings Mesh for my site....I love this mesh, it looks great in the game!

I've mede quite a few recolors of Grizzelda's Wonderful Meshes over the last few weeks...I just put a recolor of her Granny Mesh on my site yesterday.....Granny has a very summery, and yes Sexy, 4th of July bathing suit!

Grizzelda's made some great new meshes so I'm really looking forward to doing alot of Summertime recolors!

I also made a new Medieval Dress Mesh and Hair for my site about a week ago. I have plenty of Medieval recolors planned for that too!

My newest endeavor is Object Meshing. I made a few items over at TSR in the last couple of weeks, and I actually have a table and chairs mesh over at Linda's that I made months ago. For some reason I recently seem to have tons of ideas for new objects, now all I need is lots of practice! LOL! Anyway, you can expect to see some objects from me popping up here and there.